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    The long-awaited sequel to the runaway bestseller The Most Magnificent Thing that readers have been clamoring for! The girl in this story, with her dog at her side, loves to make things. Her brain, she says, is an "idea machine," so full of ideas that she can hardly keep up. But then one day ... it isn't. All of a sudden, the girl can't come up with a single idea for what to make. She tries everything: brainstorming, gathering new supplies, even jumping up and down on one foot to shake an idea loose. But, nothing. The girl realizes, with no ideas taking up space in her brain, it's filling with sad instead. What if she never has another idea again? Award-winning and bestselling author-illustrator Ashley Spires ingeniously captures the ups and downs of the creative process in this delightful picture book starring the beloved characters from The Most Magnificent Thing. With her signature wit and dry humor, Spires keeps the entertainment level high for readers, who will be rooting for their heroine to get her mojo back. The detailed and expressive artwork humorously captures the emotional arc of the girl's process. This book offers a terrific character education lesson in patience and perseverance. It will provide inspiration to makers and visionary creators everywhere, encouraging them to believe that an idea is sure to come if they just give it the opportunity --- and if it comes from the heart. The Most Magnificent Thing inspired an award-winning animated short film, and a TV series is in the works.

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    Title: The Most Magnificent Idea Book

    ISBN: 9781525305047

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    Author: Ashley Spires

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