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  • The Super Smart Planet Earth Activity Book

    AGES 8+

    This incredible activity book is jam-packed with eye-opening facts about our extraordinary planet, brought to life by full-color illustrations.

    Young readers will discover the secrets of the aurora borealis, learn about fish that swim up waterfalls, and how volcanoes can form new islands overnight. Every new idea from the world of geography and ecology is brought to life by an entertaining puzzle or activity, including mazes, spot the difference, search and find and trivia. Topics include:

    • Animal habitats
    • Volcanos and earthquakes
    • Cloud types
    • Birds of prey Supporting STEM learning, this activity book is perfect for kids aged 8+. ABOUT THE SERIES: Young readers can puzzle it out in the depths of the oceans, the far reaches of space, the systems of the human body and more with the Super Smart Activity
    The Super Smart Planet Earth Activity Book $12.95
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    Product Specification

    Title: The Super Smart Planet Earth Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781398825628

    Mastermind number: 230212

    Author: Gemma Barder

    Illustrator: Isabel Muñoz

    Format: Softcover

    Publisher: Arcturus Publishing Limited

    Series: Super Smart Activity Books