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    AGES 4+

    Teach kids about the importance of consent and body boundaries in this full-color picture book, perfect for parents and young readers.

    �Explore various scenarios on body boundaries and personal space with your child through Yes Means Yes' charming cast of characters. The book will help children learn why we should not assume another's comfort level, whether it's with classmates, family, authority figures, or strangers. Alongside the mother and child in the story, kids will learn empathy and understanding, as well as how to give voice to their own feelings. The various, "everyday" scenarios include the desire to touch someone's hair, play that can frustrate or hurt someone, and how someone might feel uncomfortable being touched or approached. Children will learn the importance of using their voice and listening when others use theirs, and parents can use the scenes as a foundation for further conversation. With adorable, colorful illustrations by Kai Kwong, Yes Means Yes aims to present empathetic and positive ways to instill understanding of how we respect each others' comfort zones. Readers are reminded: �Only you get to control your body. And others get to control their own!"

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    Title: Yes Means Yes Book

    ISBN: 9781646044900

    Mastermind number: 230047

    Shipping weight (lbs): 0.607990104

    Package dimensions (inches): 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.105

    Author: Elaine Tai

    Illustrator: Kai Kwong

    Format: Hardcover

    Publisher: Ulysses Press

    Pages: 32