October 14, 2023 2 min read

Dressed to Express:
The Power of Playing Dress-Up

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween! As well as being an outlet for creativity, playing dress-up has benefits beyond trick-or-treating.

Pretend play encourages imagination, nurtures confidence, and helps in the development of important life skills, like problem-solving, language and social skills, and empathy. Plus, it’s SO much fun!

Livin' the Life Skills

Taking on the role of a colourful character is an exciting way to build on developmental skills.

Playing dress-up with friends lets little ones work on language and social skills when creating stories and scenes to act out. Problem-solving comes into play and opens the door to introspective questions, like how would my character react in this situation, and how would I?

Literally stepping into someone else’s shoes gives kids the chance to explore new ideas and perspectives—a great way to introduce and reinforce the importance of empathy and acceptance. Roleplay teaches kids to take others' feelings into consideration, helping them grow into thoughtful, respectful, open-minded people.

Behind the Mask

Assuming the identity of a fantastical alter ego can help kids feel confident—in themselves, their choices, and their actions.

The physical armour of a costume provides a feeling of security; a safe way to explore identities and play out scenarios that differ from day-to-day life. Role-playing gives kids the freedom to experiment with situations and find solutions in creative ways.It also puts kids in the mindset of others and helps them develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Think Outside the Costume Box

Create your own costumes and accessories!

Add another layer of imagination and have kids craft their own costumes and props using household items. This allows them to put their own unique spin on dress-up play and get creative with personalized accessories. Fashion is a fantastic form of self-expression!

Turn an old tee into a cape! Can a shoebox become a magical treasure chest? Sure! Anything is possible when you make-believe!

Written by Melania Fedyna, Senior Copywriter & Voice of Play

Melania Fedyna
Melania Fedyna

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