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  • November 07, 2023 2 min read

    Picking Up STEAM Skills

    November 8th is National STEM/STEAM Day—spotlighting the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

    Learning happens naturally as kids explore, play, and try new things. Introducing STEAM into everyday play teaches important skills—skills that translate to everyday life and into adulthood.

    STEAM-based educational playsets are a fun and engaging way to learn the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math—and maybe spark a passion for one (or all)! Having a solid foundation of knowledge within these fields will help guide kids as they grow up and begin to consider careers within an ever-changing landscape. Maybe even invent something!

    Though sometimes overlooked, the Arts (visual art, language, drama, music, design, new media, etc.) are equally important in the development of crucial life skills. Creativity is at the core of critical thinking—it helps improve problem-solving and communication and broadens perspectives that help us overcome prejudices. Being able to think outside the box is a skill needed for all areas of life, including success in STEM.

    So, add tools to their toy box with activities rooted in STEAM!


    Get hands-on with gadgets and kits that encourage immersive play, experimentation, and learning through trial-and-error.


    Learn something new—a new way! Tech-y toys that incorporate unique and innovative styles of learning are great tools for teaching outside the classroom.


    Discover how things work by designing, building, and rebuilding! Open-ended activity sets allow kids to discover the mechanics of an object, tackle problems within a project, and look for creative solutions.


    Putting STEAM skills into practice requires a little imagination! Crafts, colouring books, and even musical instruments encourage creative experimentation, self-expression, and help promote relaxation. Unwinding with a paint-by-numbers kit can reset the mind, making way for clearer thinking and new ideas!


    STEAM skills can be taught as early as kindergarten! Math-based toys and activities are great for introducing the basics.

    Written by Melania Fedyna, Senior Copywriter & Voice of Play

    Melania Fedyna
    Melania Fedyna

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