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  • November 03, 2022 3 min read

    3 Simple Ways to Organize Your Playroom

    Get organized with Mastermind Toys and Mabel's Label's!

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    It’s that time of year when parents and caregivers start thinking about the holidays and wondering where they’ll store all those new toys. But don’t stress; implement a seasonal clean-out—make space, take inventory, and execute new storage and organization solutions.

    Head into the holiday season feeling decluttered and prepared for the influx of stuff.
    Here are three tips for clearing the clutter!

    1) Create a space that encourages easy tidy-up

    Promote tidying up using containers that are easy to access (no lids to struggle with or pinched fingers). Laundry baskets are great for larger toys. They’re inexpensive, easy, and safe for kids (no stacking and climbing on them like boxes or bins).

    Smaller items need to be in bins, so they don’t slip through the holes and go missing. The best way to keep these bins organized? Labels!

    2) Label everything!

    Here are the best labels to keep your playroom tidy and quarrel-free!

    Household Labels are perfect for labeling bins. These labels help create a space that encourages easy tidying. When the kids know where to put each item, it’s much more likely they’ll participate in tidying up. If you have a craft station, consider using these!

    Split Name Label Pack These are perfect for keeping squabbles to a minimum! Ideal for toys with two items that provide an opportunity for cooperative play (walkie-talkies, game controllers, rackets); labeling each piece with the child’s name helps keep them responsible for their own. They may be more likely to put their toy away or take better care if it’s labeled with their name. No more blaming a sibling!

    Large Rectangle Labels These labels are perfect for any playroom. Simply use your last name and label all the toys—that way, when you have a playdate, nothing goes missing or gets mixed up. These are especially important for high-priced items (game controllers, tablets) or items that are likely to be played with outside the house, like hockey sticks and sports equipment.

    Mini Labels do the same great job for smaller stuff (doll items, building sets, cars, and even chargers).

    New to labeling? Stocking Stuffers! If name labels are new to your family, give them a go as a stocking stuffer. This small pack of personalized kids’ name labels not only makes a great gift, it can also be used to label new toys or tablets, making them feel extra-special.

    3) Take inventory

    Sort through the toys you have and remove items that are broken or simply no longer played with, clearing space for new toys they’re likely to receive over the season. This inventory gives you a chance to see what needs replacing. You’ll get a sense of what the kids actually play with (versus what they say they want) and get an idea of what can be replaced (and added it to your gift list)!

    It's important to remember that kids are kids; they’re going to be messy. Their play space will sometime be disorganized, and that’s okay! Teaching the skills of organization and providing them with tools will encourage responsibility and care for their belongings.

    And don't stress about the mess—it's a sign of happy kids!

    From Mabel's Labels and Mastermind Toys,
    Happy Holidays!

    Written by Mabel's Labels
    Introduction & edits by Melania Fedyna, Senior Copywriter & Voice of Play

    Melania Fedyna
    Melania Fedyna

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