May 04, 2023 2 min read

Sustainable Play With Viking Toys

These toys are sweet! Mastermind Toys has collaborated with Viking Toys to bring you a collection of eco-friendly sand and water toys—made from sugarcane!

Viking Toys shares our goal of creating timeless toys that can be enjoyed by all—for generations. Made for explorative, open-ended play, their simple designs inspire kids to apply their imaginations and find new ways to play! And they’re built to last!

Benefits of Open-Ended Play

Open-ended play lets kids make the rules and discover more about themselves, as well as the world around them. When there are no instructions, it’s up to them to create! This helps build confidence, provides a safe space for self-expression, and aids in the development of important life skills.

Creativity: Kids express themselves by creating and exploring their surroundings.
Self-confidence: Kids get to take charge and see their ideas come to life.
Social skills: Playing with others encourages the sharing of ideas while expanding communication skills and learning how to manage emotions.
Critical thinking: Kids can explore concepts, problems, and solutions.

Sand, Surf & Senses

The Mastermind Toys x Viking Toys collection is made to be used with elements such as soil, sand, and water—encouraging sensory exploration.

Sensory toys help little ones with developmental skills, such as motor functions, while giving them a fun way to experience and discover their environment through touch and feel.

Our Water & Sand Mill Set features a big paddle wheel that goes round and round, mixing a lovely, sticky mess in the bucket!

Mastermind Toys x Viking Toys

Since 1974, Swedish toy company Viking Toys has been creating award-winning toys made from soft, yet indestructible plastic. In 2019, they launched Ecoline; a collection of environmentally friendly, climate-smart toys made from natural, renewable sources—like sugarcane!

The oil that’s usually used to make plastic is replaced with sugarcane, helping to reduce the environmental footprint; less oil means less CO2 emissions. The result is a product that’s sustainable, non-toxic, oil-free, and 100% recyclable!

In collaboration with Viking Toys, we’re thrilled to bring you the Mastermind Toys x Viking Toys collection!

Written by Melania Fedyna, Senior Copywriter & Voice of Play

Melania Fedyna
Melania Fedyna

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