March 30, 2022 2 min read

Finally, spring is here!

Birds are chirping and the sun is peeking through, which means goodbye ski hills and hello green fields!

To keep kids from simply running down the street in a flurry of excitement, we’re highlighting a few outdoor toys and activities to get the season started in an extra-fun way!

Let's Get Moving

Technically, scooters do run down the street—but these awesome rides will amp up the experience!

Load up a backpack with snacks, books, and hand-held games like Djubi Jr. and make a day of it with a family trip to the park!


The Sporter XL scooter is great for adults, too!

Makin' Bubbles

Bubbles are a warm weather staple for everyone to enjoy!

After an active day at the park, unwind with an after-dinner bubble-blowing contest. See who can blow the biggest bubble!


Fubbles® No-Spill® Bubble Tumbler Minis are perfect for little hands!

Chalk It Up

Another classic kid activity: sidewalk chalk!

Kids will have a blast drawing murals or driveway games, like hopscotch and tic-tac-toe. Encourage creativity and big ideas—have them draw their favourite springtime activity or experiment with shapes, patterns, and colours. Snap a photo of their unique masterpiece!


Be the brightest on the block with Crayola's vibrant (and washable) chalk!

Steer the Action

Remote-controlled toys are a great way for younger kids to feel confident and in-control. They call the shots while working on attention and coordination skills.

Set up an agility course and have them race their cars while navigating obstacles!


The Splash Speedster Land & Water R/C Stunt Car can take on puddles, making it perfect for post-rain play!

Spring Forward

Keep them moving with jump ropes and pogo sticks! These toys will keep kids active in smaller outdoor spaces.

Set up a backyard circuit with skipping and jumping stations—and incorporate other games for a full-on obstacle course!


The Grom Pogo Stick features an industrial-strength steel spring for a smoother, higher bounce!

Spring has been a long time coming and we're planning to make the most of it.

See ya out there!

Written by Melania Fedyna, Senior Copywriter & Voice of Play

Melania Fedyna
Melania Fedyna

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