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  • April 11, 2022 2 min read

    Ultimate Easter Basket How-To

    Looking for unique and exciting Easter gift ideas?

    Think outside the basket with these themed collections, creatively curated for kids of all ages!

    For Outdoor Enthusiasts

    Perfect for spring, an action play-themed basket is great for the start of the season!

    Throw in outdoor activities, like bubble-makers and sidewalk chalk—and gift them in a helmet!


    Active, outdoor toys and games are great for the whole family!

    For Little Green Thumbs

    Great for little ones who love getting their hands dirty!

    Growing kits and gardening gloves, presented in a watering can, makes for a bountiful Easter basket!


    Hide the basket in your backyard for a super on-theme surprise!

    For Crafty Kids

    Encourage creativity with an arts & crafts basket!

    A cute, felt bunny basket can be filled to the brim with vibrant coloured pencils, on-the-go Play-Doh, and more!


    Include extra craft supplies for making Easter decorations!

    For Tweens

    Older kids will love these practical gifts. Nail pens and customizable items are great gifts for tweens!

    Pack it all into a Squishmallows backpack for a fun and functional take on the Easter basket.


    A Mastermind Toys Gift Card is an awesome stowaway surprise!

    For Their First Easter

    Commemorate baby's first Easter with an adorable bundle!

    Plush pals and bathtub toys are fun gifts for year-round play.


    Use the Rainbow Gift Basket as playroom storage.

    Written by Melania Fedyna, Senior Copywriter & Voice of Play

    Melania Fedyna
    Melania Fedyna

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