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The Elf on the Shelf Hiding Spots Revealed from the Holiday Mastermind

A letter from the Elf on the Shelf

Hi parents, I’m the Elf on the Shelf!

When I saw Mastermind Toys was hiring Seasonal Store Associates for the holidays, um hellooo, I jumped at the chance. Needless to say, I’M ECSTATIC I got the job.

Cool apron, right? It totally matches my outfit... and hat!

Anyhooooo. The best part about working here? My role as a Play Expert is like no other. I’m here to reveal THE best spots I’ve hidden and awesome gift ideas to add a little magic to homes this holiday.

Check out my personal pics below and feel free to share these ideas with anyone who loves to have fa-la-la-lots of festive fun.


Add a kick to stocking stuffers

“I looove seeing kids' faces light up when they see ME hanging their stocking to start the season.

Wink, wink, Nudge, nudge! Adding a special surprise and fun note inside the stocking is a great way to make it a December to remember, too. 

Seasonal Stockings

SQUISH in some sweet stocking stuffers

After putting up a few holiday decorations, I like to reward myself with a little saaa-weet treat. Luckily, SQUISH Candy is now at Mastermind Toys stores!

It makes a sweet stocking stuffer... well, if it can get there!

See Other Stocking Stuffer Ideas Here

Building imaginations is a piece of cake

"The holidays and baking go hand and hand... but since I'm not allowed to touch the stove, it's great to create my own make-believe masterpieces with Play-Doh instead.


Play-Doh Great Baking Book Set

Smart cookies leave a treat for elves too

"Pssst, don't forget!

When you prep Santa's surprise snack on Christmas Eve, smart cookies always leave their Elf on the Shelf a sweet treat too! Or feel free to leave me a treat ANY TIME, really. Yum!

Milk every moment

"It's so nice to FINALLY hang out with new and old friends again! I'm meeting LEGO®characters for cocoa next week! 


Barbie® Fashionistas™ Doll

Silly s-ELF-ies in a snap


"Never fails! I always make kids giggle when I secretly grab their parent's phone and surprise 'em with silly s-ELF-ies.

Oh! You know what else is fun to take selfies with? A cute colourful camera. It's such a fun gift for the tween scene. 


Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera

TREE-mendous decorating fun


"Surprising kids with new ornaments on the tree is always a TREE-mendous hit! Mastermind Toys carries a few signature ones. You should check 'em out.

 But hurry! Not many are left in stock.


Fun Ornaments

Is there a Doctor in the house?

"Ok, soooo maybe it wasn't such a good idea to climb a tall Christmas tree. Good thing Doctor Barbie came to my rescue.

Barbie® Fast Cast Clinic playset

Popping games are POP-ular gifts

"This is one of my fave fidgets & stocking stuffers! It’s like the never-ending bubble wrap, only more colourful, durable, and well, more lovable.

Good-bye holiday hustle, hello popping into relaxation-mode.

Marble Green Dino

We will, we will rook you

"My favourite things?

Reading? Check.
Laughing? Check.
Playing? Check MATE!

Here is the best of all 3. This awesome gift teaches kids as young as 3 to learn chess with funny stories


Story Time Chess: The Game

Family game night done right


"Wrapping up the end of the year should include lots of PJ days, hot chocolate (with whipped cream, of course), and many fam jam sessions! So I like to pose with my fave game first thing in the morning to spark a family game night on weekends. This is a new one I like to play!


Monopoly Builder

Aaaaaand that's a wrap!

“So there you have it, folks! These are my favourite hiding spots that bring a little extra magic into the season, but there are too many more to show you. As you can tell, I like to get super creative and add a cup of the sillies. Seeing kids smile first thing in the morning is always the best part of the day.

Happy holidays, everyone!


Love always,

The Elf on the Shelf


The Elf on the Shelf, Seasonal Expert & Store Associate

Ever wonder how the "nice" list is made? Every morning in December, the Elf on the Shelf magically flies into kids' homes in different spots so kids can enjoy searching for their friend every morning! He sits, watches, and listens to kids during the day so he or she can fly back to the North Pole at night to share the stories with Santa.  

Mastermind Toys is honoured to have the Elf on the Shelf in our stores during the holiday season.


Written by Cathy Barbarossa, Senior Copywriter and Editor with contributions by The Elf on the Shelf, Holiday Magic Expert


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Cathy Barbarossa
Cathy Barbarossa

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