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Family-friendly games for all ages & abilities

Here's how to level up game night

As Canada’s Authority on Play, we’re thrilled to bring you a curated list of top family games to help kids practice following rules, understand good sportsmanship, develop strategic thinking skills, and of course, have lots of fun. 

So how do we pick our top games? We couldn't be more proud to work with Curation Experts, like Tina Everitt, who ensures our stores carry a unique selection that not only bring kids joy, but help foster life skills too.


We can't reveal ALL our secrets in how we select our games, but here are three key areas we look for:
1. Does it build excitement?
2. Does it build social & cognitive skills?
3. Does it build a bond between players?

Here are our TOP TEN PICKS that have all three criteria at play.

Chutes and Ladders

Ladder up to great fun when you move up or chute down. This game is perfect for preschoolers since no reading is required.

Ages 3+


Hungry Hungry Hippos

The kids will have a ball while developing fine motor skills as they catch as many marbles as they can. No reading required.

Ages 4+

The Floor is Lava

Have we got a HOT idea to spark creativity and gross motor skills. Picture playing with imaginary lava! Giggling IS included with this hilarious family game.

Ages 5+

Sorry! Game

This fam fave is a fun game that relies on luck to chase, race, slide, and score to get all 4 pawns to be the first at home base. The winner will be not-so-sorry, after all.

Ages 6+


Build on family bonding time & eye-hand coordination simultaneously as you build a block tower together and try not to topple it over!

How will you stack up?

Ages 6+


Throw Throw Burrito

This game is beyond fun for the tween and teen scene. Picture dodgeball and a card game all rolled into one. Literally.

Ages 7+




It's no mystery why Clue is a classic favourite. Solving cases and cracking codes will bring out detective skills in all problem-solvers at heart.

Ages 8+


Upside Down Challenge Game

One pair of upside down goggles and 25 challenges sounds like absolute endless excitement to us.

Ages 8+



Trade. Build. Settle. It's no wonder why this game is an award-winner! Pre-teens and adults will love the strategy behind building cities & settlements.

Ages 10+

Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island does not forbid fun! Adventurers can't get enough of planning how to collect treasures and strategizing how to escape.

Ages 10+


Tina Everitt, Curation Expert at Mastermind Toys

We're proud to work with Curation Experts, like Tina, who ensure our stores carry games and books that help nurture key developmental skills for children of all ages and abilities while they have fun.

Written by Cathy Barbarossa, Senior Copywriter and Editor with contributions by Tina Everitt, Curation Expert at Mastermind Toys


Cathy Barbarossa
Cathy Barbarossa

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