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Dinosaur Costumes, Crafts & Lots of Laughs

Dino-mite ideas for Halloween & everything in between

We’ve partnered with Great Pretenders to bring you T-Rexcellent ideas to fill your Halloween night with prehistoric fright. (Or any night really!) From creating DIY dinosaur fossils to dressing up as a triceratops, get ready to excite your boo crew at home.

Fun with fossils dinosaur craft

No bones about it, creating fossils is tons of fun for little ones! Plus (don’t tell the kids) but it’s educational too! Exploring measurement and developing fine motor skills comes into play while reading ingredients and using hand muscles to shape each fossil. Check out these easy steps that our friends at Great Pretenders posted on their blog.

Make room for a dinosaur costume

Dinosaur costumes don't have to be extinct after Halloween. Get the most out of these Great Pretenders capes after October 31st by encouraging your kids to dress up while reading dinosaur books, role playing with dinosaur toys, having a dinosaur-themed birthday party, or presenting a project on dinosaurs at school.

Great Pretenders Triceratops Cape

This cape truly is tops! Kids can easily take it on or off at recess (eh-hem or bathroom breaks).
Age 4+

Great Pretenders Dinosaur Cape

Encourage creative play any day to maximize Halloween costumes all year long. Pssst.. plan a dino-themed birthday too!Age 4+

FREE Halloween Activity Sheets

FREE Printables

Holiday-themed activities are a great way to make learning fun!

Thanks to Great Pretenders your kiddos can practice Math and English with a
spook-tacular twist.

Visit the Great Pretenders website and press "add to cart" to print these neat activity sheets.
Age 4+


Dino-riffic decorations

Take advantage of the doorbell not ringing every two seconds and create a fun little party scene for your little ones at home. Whether you’re eating candy or cupcakes, decking up your dining room with dinosaur accessories will fill your day with smiles!


Dinosaur Side Plates

Get these paper plates before they’re extinct. These top-sellers go pretty fast.


Dinosaur Party Cups

Quench your thirst for excitement with cute disposable dino cups!


More Halloween Ideas

Create a BOO-kmark

As kids devour every word in their favourite book, they can use this biter bookmark to hold their spot.


To help you set the perfect Halloween scene, check out our new party decorations from Meri Meri below featuring dinosaur-themed cake and cupcake toppers, napkins, garland and so much more! Or, if you're looking for simple Halloween fun for everyone, we have a great selection of games, books, and activities listed below.


Happy Halloween!

Written by Cathy Barbarossa, Senior Copywriter and Editor with contributions by Great Pretenders


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Cathy Barbarossa
Cathy Barbarossa

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