October 13, 2021 2 min read

Unicorn Capes, Crafts & Lots of Laughs

Unicorn ideas for Halloween & everything in between

Grab some pixie dust.. because we’ve got magical ideas that any unicorn-at-heart will adore! We’re thrilled to team up with Great Pretenders to bring you fun crafts & capes that’ll add sparkle to any day.

Uni-cool craft

Flowers. Feathers. Fun glitter. Creating a unique unicorn headband is tons of fun for little ones.  Check out these easy steps that our friends at Great Pretenders posted on their blog.

Make room for a unicorn costume

Get the most out of this Great Pretenders unicorn costume after October 31st by encouraging your kids to dress up while reading unicorn books, role playing with unicorn toys, or having a unicorn-themed birthday party or school project.

Great Pretenders Unicorn Cape

This cape is tops when it comes to easily taking it on or off at recess (eh-hem or bathroom breaks).
Age 3+

FREE Halloween Activity Sheets

FREE Printables

Holiday-themed activities are a great way to make learning fun!

Thanks to Great Pretenders your kiddos can practice Math and English with a
Halloween-y twist.

Visit the Great Pretenders website and press "add to cart" to print these neat activity sheets.
Age 4+


Unicorn Decor

Whether you’re eating candy or cupcakes, decking up your dining room or filling the playroom with unicorn accessories, we have a sparkling assortment that will fill your day with sparkling smiles. (And when we say sparkling, we mean sparkling!)

Unicorn Plates

Cupcakes and candy will seem even sweeter when served on these cute plates to match your kiddo’s sweet personality!

Piñata Party Favour

Hey, why not start a new tradition for Halloween if you're not trick-or-treating this year. Kids will love pulling a few strings for cool candy!

Unicorn Party Bags

Fill loot bags with tricks & treats for your fave nieces, nephews & neighbours. Here are some ideas to get your bag started: fill it with candy, chips, crafts, a yo-yo, Play-Doh, Pop to it! OR other little trinkets and treasures.

More Halloween Ideas

Create a BOO-kmark

As kids devour every word in their favourite book, they can use this biter bookmark to hold their spot.


To help you set the perfect Halloween scene, check out our new party decorations from Meri Meri below featuring unicorn-themed balloons, napkins, garland and so much more! Or, if you're looking for simple Halloween fun for everyone, we have a great selection of games, books, and activities listed below.


Happy Halloween!

Written by Cathy Barbarossa, Senior Copywriter and Editor with contributions by Great Pretenders


  Balloon Arch     Balloon Kit         Garland       Cupcake Kit         Napkins         Costume


  Activity Book     Hidden Pics     Stories           Stickers         Board Book       3D Puzzle

Cathy Barbarossa
Cathy Barbarossa

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